Jconwell en tant que sponsor de la Mining Disrupt Conference 2022 à Miami, FL USA

On July 26-28, 2022, Mining Disrupt Conference 2022 was held in Miami, Florida USA. This year, Jconwell attended the conference as the sponsor & exihibitor , in where we also gave a speech to present who Jconwell is and elaborated on our mission. During this conference, we met our old clients, who we always have great gratitude for their strong support & trust to us. We had meaningful conversations with the new clients to exchange the ideas & thoughts about the crypto mining, and we gathered together with the peer companies to discuss & share insights about the industry trends. Though the time was short, we have benefited a lot from this gathering.

Mining Disrupt conference is one of the largest Bitcoin Mining Expo that focuses on in-depth Blockchain enterprise-level solutions and explore leading innovation in crypto mining & Blockchain technologies. Its main aim is to bring together the innovators, disrupters and proffesionals from the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrency mining industry to meet and interact with each other to explore & achieve more together.



Jconwell Group est le plus grand fournisseur en gros en Chine spécialisé dans les mineurs Blockchain avec sa propre équipe de R&D pour fournir un service personnalisé et une solution unique dans l'industrie minière.

Ressource de première main

Direct cooperation with Bitmain,MicroBT, Canaan, Goldshell, Innosilicon, Jasminer and IbeLink etc to offer the most competitive price in the market.

Equipe professionelle

Professional team with deep knowledge to share the advancedmarket insights in the industry to help you make the most suitable choice to grow your value.

Assistance technique solide

More than 8 years of on-site experience in mining farm to provide the professional advise & solution in all aspects.

Livraison efficace et sûre

Rich experience in international shipping to fulfill the expectations of both efficiency and safety on your orders.

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