The courier services we offer as shipping methods are as follows:-


When you place an order with us on our official website, the courier services that are available for shipping to your country will be provided on the order info page. 

You may then select the courier service that you would like to use. After you have selected the courier, the shipping costs will be shown for your review.

The shipping cost depends on the package weight, shipment destination and the courier service selected.

All customs duties/taxes and other fees will be at the expense of the buyer. We strongly advise you to research on their local customs policies and duties before purchasing our products.

If you have questions about shipping and customs clearance, contact us for further assistance

After signing off the delivery receipt or proof of delivery, always check the conditions of the package before opening it.

How to inspect a new miner?

1. Visually inspect the box when your package arrives. Look for signs of damage such as a wet or flattened package, packages with holes and dents. If package is damaged, take photos of the package’s conditions before proceeding to open the package and inspect the miner.

2. Inspect the miner for aesthetic damage. Look at the corners of the miner and check for dents and cracks.  Look out for broken fan blades, cables, and bent connectors.

3. Assess miner’s heat sinks. View from miner’s front and rear fan to check whether there are loose heat sinks.

NOTE: It is normal hear some marginal board movement when moving the miner as the hash boards are not tightly fitted to the miner case.

1. Contact the courier

Always file a damage claim with the courier before contacting Jconwell. If the delivery personnel is still at your doorstep, take the photos first then request that he returns your damaged package to Jconwell.

To contact Jconwell, write in a support ticket here. In your support ticket, include the following so that we can begin an investigation with the courier:


All claims or inquiries about your packages such as damages, lost in transit, receiving incorrect package or wrong delivery address have to be raised within:

UPS – 14 days,

FedEx – 21 days,

DHL – 30 days,

of your package dispatch dates. We will not be responsible for any issues raised after the stipulated time. 

2. Investigation 

We seek your patience as an investigation could take about 1 month. During this period, keep in contact with your courier person-in-charge and with Jconwell to stay updated on the progress of the investigation. 

3. Resolution

The courier and Jconwell will inform you on the outcome of the your claim.

If your damage claim is successful, you would be asked to ship back the damaged product if you have not done so with the courier. Jconwell will proceed to ship a new product to replace your damaged one.